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Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways (sometimes also called Unity Pathways, Career Pathways or just Pathways) are structured learning journeys created by the Real-Time Learning team. These guided experiences are designed to help learners create a portfolio and prepare for employment in key real-time 3D roles — or hobbyist engagement, if that's what the learner prefers.

What are Pathways?

Pathways are guided learning experiences through Unity learning content. Learners select their path to achieve a specific learning goal while gaining the skills they need for roles in real-time 3D production. Our Pathways help learners create a portfolio, earn sharable badges issued by Credly, and prepare for a new job. Data shows that creators who complete a Learning Pathway are over three times more likely than other new users to be retained in the Unity Editor six months later.

Released Unity Learning Pathways include:

  • Unity Essentials: Everything a new creator needs to get started.
  • Creative Core: Creators level up their core understanding of Unity with the creative aspects of the engine.
  • Junior Programmer: Creators who are ready to explore code are guided from zero to job-ready.
  • VR Development: Creators inspired by VR are prepared for a job in the industry.

How does the Pathway approach work?

A Pathway is created by identifying a career outcome or creation goal, and then roadmapping that goal to a sequence of competencies and skills that learners will need to achieve it.

Once on a pathway, learners complete Missions — sets of content that teach and solidify the specific skills and competencies. To complete missions, learners complete Assessment Checkpoints, which are demonstrations of learning that may include summative portfolio-ready projects or diagnostic quizzes.

How do Pathways lead to jobs?

The skills and competencies within each pathway are vetted through research. We are also in the process of establishing the Unity Employee Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB is composed of representatives from companies, of all sizes and verticals, that employ Unity developers with a focus on mid and upper scale employers. This collaboration creates a pipeline for employers who are confident that creators who have earned a Unity Pathway badge have the requisite skills and competencies to be a successful job candidate.

Some roles that align with our Pathways curriculum:

  • Junior QA Analyst/Tester
  • Junior programming roles
  • Entry-level Software Development roles
  • Junior Technical Artist
  • Entry-level Unity Artists roles

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about Pathways, you can explore the Unity Career Pathways deck or contact us in #learning-experience-portal on Slack.