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About the Learning Experience Portal

Unity is constantly evolving and those changes create learning needs for both external and internal learners. The Instructional Design and Learn Content teams in Real-time Learning are committed to putting users first and creating the best learning experiences that we can, but we can't make eveything ourselves. That's why we've established this portal — using these resources and supported by our concultancy, you'll be able to make great learning experiences for Unity Learn.

Your first point of reference

There are lots of different places where information is stored at Unity, and we know that it can be confusing. The Learning Experience Portal aims to gather all the basic information you need in one place. When you check this site first before you reach out to a instructional designer, you'll help us focus our time on specific consultancy that will have the most impact on the quality of Unity's learning experiences.

Consistency as we scale

As more teams across Unity design learning experiences and create content to deliver them, standards for consistency become increasingly vital. Our Deisgn system is a critical resource to help you make a clear and consistent learning experience.