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Our collaboration process

These resources are available for anyone in Unity to review and use, but one key goal for this portal is to support our collaborations with other teams at Unity who want to make learning experiences.

When you complete the learn content creation form with a request to create or update a learning experience, we'll review the request and any initial information that you're able to share. When we've done that, we'll schedule an initial meeting with you to discuss any additional information that we need and guide you through our collaboration processes. We'll also share relevant documents or worksheets to guide you through the process of creating or updating your learning experience supported by the information on this portal.

The goal of this approach is to provide as much basic information as possible here on this portal, so we can focus our time in areas that will result in the most value for your and our users, including reviewing your prpoposed learning experience and providing specific support if you need it.

Process flow diagram


Beta note: We are aware that there are currently accessibility issues with this diagram image. You can also view the diagram directly in LucidChart.

Flowchart of the guided process of the Learning Experience Design System