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Content script templates


This page is a first draft and may be missing key information. It is due for update by the end of July. Please reach out to your assigned ID or in the #learn Slack channel if you need more guidance in the meantime.

Every learning experience on Unity Learn has an associated content script in the Real-time Learning Shared Drive.

What are content scripts?

Content scripts include:

  • All the copy and other media that make up the content types within a learning experience (that is, the tutorials and the project(s) or course that they are organized within).
  • The meta data required to publish the content on Unity Learn.
  • Any relevant notes and guidance for people who need to quality assure, upload or maintain the the ccontent.

Content scripts follow a structured template which keeps all this information organized.

Why do you use content scripts?

We use content scripts to ensure we receive your learning experiences in a consistent format and can collaborate with you as efficiently as possible. They also serve as a vital a backup of content outside of the Unity Learn platform.

How do I set up the content script(s) for my learning experience?

When you complete the enquiry form to create or maintain a new learning experience, the Real-time Learning team will review your request and create or share relevant content script templates as part of the project kick-off process.

Example content script template

If you're curious, feel free to review: