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Single source of truth (SSOT) content


This page is a first draft and may be missing key information. It is due for update by the end of July. Please reach out to your assigned ID or in the #learn Slack channel if you need more guidance in the meantime.

What is single source of truth content?

Single source of truth (SSOT) content is any set of standardized instructions that is used so frequently on the Learn platform that we have have created one single copy of the instructions instead of repeating them in many different tutorials.

SSOT content can be one step in a tutorial (such as the individual steps in Project setup processes), or an entire tutorial (like Install the Unity Hub and Editor).

The purposes of SSOTs are:

  1. To reduce the maintenance burden when guidance on common processes requires updating (which, for many processes, is frequently!)
  2. To provide a more consistent approach to common processes, so learners know what to expect and how they will be supported through a learning experience

At present, SSOT content is created for LTS releases of Unity, which we recommend all learning experiences use wherever possible. We do, however, maintain SSOT content for Unity Hub updates.

Do I have to use SSOT content?

Probably, but there are exceptions.

Every time we create another copy or version of a common set of instructions, we create an additional maintenance responsibility, and we introduce inconsistency to the learning experience. For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to use SSOTs wherever they work adequately.

The exceptions to the rule occur when learners need additional context or enhanced instruction. These are called SSOT variants, and we keep track of them for maintenance purposes.

For example, the SSOT step Install a new version of Unity from the Hub has an SSOT variant in the step Add a Unity install to your Hub in the Unity Essentials pathway. We created this variant to give new Unity users a firmer context and more detailed instructions without making them follow a hyperlink to another tutorial step.

If you have a case for creating an SSOT variant, please reach out to tyour ID or the #learn Slack channel to discuss your idea.

Where should I use SSOT content?

The most common use of SSOTs is in the Before you begin step included in standalone tutorials and tutorials that come at the beginning of a sequenced project or course. This step typically contains instructions on installing a particular version of Unity, creating a new Unity project with a particular template, importing assets, and installing modules or packages.

I have an idea or feedback to share!

If you have a proposal for new SSOT content or need to flag SSOT content for update, please reach out to Rosamund Williams or Veronica Brown in the first instance.