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Unity Learn Style Guide

Welcome to the Unity Learn Style Guide. This document is based upon the Unity Documentation Style Guide, which is the more authoritative reference for Unity-specific style and terminology. This guide contains variations more suited to instructional writing and the authoring tools on the Learn platform.


At Unity, we follow the Microsoft Style Guide.

The Unity Documentation Style Guide acts as a supplement. It covers Unity-specific style and terminology. For general guidance, or if you can't find what you're looking for in the Unity Style Guide, see the Microsoft Style Guide.

Good instructional writing is accurate, clear, and consistent. The Unity Learn Style Guide defines a set of standards that we aim to achieve in all content on the Learn platform. It is based on the Unity Documentation Style Guide, and is maintained in collaboration with the Documentation team with the goal of consistent style across all public-facing technical writing. Topics include voice, tone, formatting, spelling and grammar, and how to use Unity-specific terminology.

This style guide is for anyone developing content for the Learn platform. We hope it’s helpful for all your written communications.

If you have any feedback about the Unity Learn Style Guide, please discuss it in the Slack channel #learn if it pertains to the Learn platform, or #docs-style-guide if it pertains to overall Unity style or terminology.