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How to use this toolkit

If you want to create a learning experience, whether you're in the early stages of a concept or you already have a draft, you're in the right place. Your learning experience can be short form, like a single tutorial, or long form, like an online course.

Through our series of worksheets and short articles, you'll create a learning experience that engages learners and meets the quality standards of the Unity Learn platform.

The whole Toolkit describes the process used by the Learn team to create new courses and pathways. We'll streamline this process to fit your needs.

Get started​

The first step is to fill out our Learn Content Request form, which serves as your proposal for new or updated learning content.

Note: If you have a draft, please attach it to the form to expedite your request.

Once we've received your proposal, we'll discuss it with you. If your proposal is approved, we'll schedule a Kickoff Meeting and provide you with a customized Toolkit Charter, listing the tools and guidance you'll need for your initiative.

Preview the toolkit​​

Feel free to browse the articles in this toolkit to evaluate whether this process is right for you. We recommend that you preview these resources in order, so you can get familiar with the sequence. Keep in mind that your customized toolkit charter may not include every step.