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Content patterns for Unity Learn

If you're creating content for Unity Learn, our content patterns will help you write the copy.

What are content patterns?

Content patterns are blueprints for things that we use over and over again. This includes both specific copy and the way that we format it for Unity Learn.

Why use content patterns for Unity Learn?

Content patterns help us communicate to learners with clarity and consistency. They're also a tool to help anyone developing a learning experience work as efficiently as possible.

Get started with content patterns

If you're working on a learning experience, we'll include content patterns in your custom content script with some introductory guidance on how to use them.

You can also find out more information about each pattern (including usage guidance) in this section of the Learning Experience Design System.

Trouble with content patterns?

If you've encountered an issue with a content pattern or you're not sure how it can work for your particularly context, contact your ID for support.